May 16, 2009

BBC iPlayer HD adds more

After my complaint earlier this week about the paucity of programming in the iPlayer's HD folder, there's been a commendable improvement. As of May 16, this is the line up I have:
  • Birth of British Music
  • Cruickshank on Kew
  • Doctors (5 episodes)
  • Horizon
  • Kerwhizz (5 episodes)
  • Last of the Summer Wine
  • Robin Hood
  • South Pacific
  • Superdoctors
  • Tonight's the Night
  • The Unsellables (5 episodes)
  • Wainwright's Walks
Still no George Gently or Alice Roberts, but still a big improvement over what we saw a week ago.
And they're adding to the TV Choice On Demand HD folder too: see the updated list to the right of this post


Afront said...

I missed the first The Incredible Human Journey last week, so this was my first go at iplayer HD - or so I thought: it's not there. I think I'm gonna have to watch it in SD instead ... [shivers like it's 1999]

Nialli said...

Me too...and that bit when she's running in the jungle on that hunt really shows up the limitations of standard def. I'm setting the V+ for it in HD next week - some of the photography is amazing.