May 03, 2009

Bond arrives in HD on Filmflex in May

Here are the Filmflex HD premieres this month:

• Quantum Of Solace 07-May-09
• Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 21-May-09
• Twilight 21-May-09
• The Women 01-May-09
• Defiance 31-May-09
• Transporter 3 18-May-09
• Zack & Miri Make A Porno 08-May-09
• Waltz With Bashir 30-May-09

Some of last summer's blockbusters will be disappearing (notably Indiana Jones and Iron Man) so if you were planning to watch them, move quickly.

Also here are some of the series appearing in May in TV Choice on Demand (no details as to HD - sorry):

Sci Fi & Fantasy
• Star Trek: Voyager s7
• Star Trek: Enterprise s2
• Babylon 5 s3
• Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles s1
• Andromeda s2
• Primeval s1
• The Closer s3
• ER s14
• Men In Trees s1
• Nip/Tuck s5
• One Tree Hill s5
• Smallville s7
• Without A Trace s6
• Band Of Brothers
• Carnivale s1
• Entourage s3
• Six Feet Under s4
• Tell Me You Love Me s1
• The Sopranos s2
• The Wire s2
• Regenesis s2
• Lost In Austen
• Superhuman
• Sharpe’s Challenge
• See No Evil
• Dr Zhivago
• Persuasion
• Wired
• The Listener s1
• The Border s1
• Supernatural s2
• Close To Home s1
• Studio 60 s1
• The West Wing s2
• Mind Of The Married Man s1
• Big Bang Theory s1
• The Class
• Friends s3
• Joey s2
• Old Christine s1
• Curb Your Enthusiasm s2
• Dane Cook: Vicious Circle
• No Signal s1
• Comic Strip Presents…
Private Enterprise/Consuela
• Fonejacker
• Just For Laughs s2
• Veronica’s Closet s3
• Two And A Half Men s4
• IT Crowd s1
Factual & Entertainment
• Vimy Ridge: Heaven To Hell
• What Happened To Natalee Holloway
• Crime Stories: David Shearing
– The Wells Grey Gunman
• Crime Stories: David Snow
– The House Hermit
• Storm Chasers: Tornado Intercept Tank
• Dr G: Medical Examiner: Under The Knife
• Most Evil: Jealously
• Living With… Boy George
• Deep Jungle s1 HD
• Fat Teens In Love
• Marco’s Great British Feast


Afront said...

Waltz With Bashir - missed that at the cinema so looking fwd to it here.

Sam said...

At the bottom there's "Deep Jungle s1 HD" so we know at least something will be in HD!

Also, that Google Friend Connect thing is breaking my back button!


Anonymous said...

When Casino Royale came out there were lots of old Bonds in HD... not this time then?

Nialli said...

Not that I've seen advertised. VM's press office sent me this listing and I'm sure if there would be mention of more Bond in HD if it was coming.
Sam - sorry abut the Google Friend thing - nothing I can do apart from drop it from the home page. Works fine in Firefox if that's any help.

Anonymous said...

Hardly exciting stuff. Casino Royale has been sold at cut down prices on Blu-ray for months and months now. I bought my copy a good few months ago.

Nialli said...

Every Bond film is available this month in SD in the Filmflex spotlights folder. Only Casino Royale is in HD.