May 29, 2009

Sky Player on XBox 360 - but no HD

Rumoured for a few weeks and now confirmed: Sky content (including movies and sports premium content) is coming to the XBox 360. Unfortunately though there's no sign of Sky HD services being delivered via the game console:

The video content from Sky will be streamed in standard definition, and will require at least a one megabit per second connection.

That's not to say that in future there won't be HD TV to complement the excellent XBox360 Live HD movie library, but for now it's another mechanism for Sky to consolidate its dominance under the TVs of the Great British Public.
More details (and pics of the interface) over on the Register.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting as the europe version of the vod and download interface was always so poor compared to the North American version.

Anonymous said...

How will this work, costs etc?

Anonymous said...

I thought this sounded like the Netflix service in the US which can be viewed on 360 - anyone with even the most minimal DVD rental subscription can view a huge library of movies and TV on demand, including a lot in HD. Nothing live there though.

But this article says it needs a multiroom package. I don't know if that means that when you have two sky boxes already they throw in the 360 streaming for free, or if they take add on the "£9.75 extra a month for each extra box" for the 360. Sounds quite steep unless you already have multiroom and they throw it in free. Netflix in the US have their huge library available to stream to a 360 on packages less than £9.75.