May 14, 2009

DVD still dwarfs Blu-Ray in US

According to a new survey of 11,000 US consumers 63 per cent of the average $25 per month spent on home entertainment was lavished on old fashioned, standard definition DVD. Given that the US public has embraced high definition broadcasting with greater enthusiasm than any other nation on earth, I find this somewhat surprising. Just 7% of that $25 was lavished on high def Blu-Ray discs, a number actually beaten by 9% being spent on Video On Demand services (similar to our own Filmflex). Downloads account for a paltry 3% - not sure if these are legal downloads or not. More details on Home Cinema Choice's site.


Maestromarv said...

This figure still beats the equivalent uptake percentage of DVD versus VHS from launch date.

It is for paid downloads such as Vudu, Apple TV and Netflix, or it wouldn't even measure in this $25 survey.

BikeNutt said...
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BikeNutt said...

Oops. Ignore my post above. Should have been in the iPlayer HD thread.


Nialli said...

Your heart's in the right place - even if your comments aren't :o)