May 12, 2009

New High Definition On Demand Added

It's been pretty quiet on TV Choice On Demand of late, but this week has seen some new programming and some "old favourites" returning. Here's what's showing in my region today (Tuesday 12th):
  • Air Crash Investigation (s5) 1 episode
  • Baghdad ER
  • Big Love (s1) 2 eps
  • Carnivale (s1) 5 eps
  • Dane Cook: Vicious Circle
  • Deep Jungle (s1)
  • Dexter (s3) 3 eps
  • Entourage (s3) 10 eps
  • Fire & Ice: Winter War
  • Human Weapon 5 eps
  • Ice Road Truckers 10 eps
  • Six Feet Under (s4) 4 eps
  • The Sopranos (s2) 11 eps
  • The Sopranos (s3) 9 eps
Unfortunately, the much heralded BBC HD content on iPlayer seems to be reducing by the day. We're now down to just a few hours, and that includes two episodes of the kid's show Kerwhizz and two episodes of the soap Doctors. No sign of George Gently, the finales of Heroes or Damages, or any of the other programming of note from BBC HD last week. And, of course, no HD from C4 or ITV either.


Anonymous said...

Total joke and a flaming disgrace

Maestromarv said...

Niali, you may not know because of your setup, but Dexter is only HD video, wth a standard stereo (pro-logic) audio stream. The BBC HD channel is 5.1 Dolby Digital.

Disappointing. I'm going to check some other on demand and BBC HD catchup to see if they're the same as the linear channel or stereo like Dexter.

Nialli said...

That is disappointing. I like the fact that it's DOG and ad free, and, unlike SD FX, widescreen.
We were also promised Dexter season 1 on Virgin Central, but no sign of that yet for us johnny-come-latelies.
Carnivale looks excellent - is that 5.1?

Anonymous said...

Could someone identify which of those are actually new? I recognise a few are back in the rotation and there's new eps of Dexter but is anything in that list completely new to VM? Nothing exciting that's leaping out at me asking me to watch it at least, and not the hours of missing content (175 was it?)

Bikenutt said...

I believe it's all recycled content with the exception being Dexter.

I never caught The Sopranos first time round and loving that at the moment. Does anyone know how many episodes there are in Season2? We've watched all 11 that are available and I suspect there may be 1 or 2 more. Don't want to start Season3 until until S2 has been watched in it's entirety.

Anonymous said...

I noticed when looking at ice road truckers yesterday it has about 2/3 days left before its gone!

Anonymous said...

Google is your friend.

Nialli said...

Stuff new to Virgin now shown in bold on the original post, plus the latest episode of Dexter

BikeNutt said...

Pretty sure Air Crash & Carnivale have appeared before, albeit briefly. (Ex-Telewest area)

Nialli said...

They were new to me (ex-NTL) but you could be right.