July 31, 2009

Channel 4 HD arrives

Arrived this morning - again, apologies for the delivery of what for many is old news!
Here's our new HD channel line up:
  • BBC HD (108)
  • Channel 4 HD (146)
  • FX HD (158)
  • MTVN HD (310)
  • National Geographic HD (232)
If this is what happens when I go away, please feel free to contribute to the new Nialli HD-while-he's-away Holiday Fund!


Alexei said...

So far not impressed with the picture quality of these new HD channels! BBC HD looks amazing! these look like SD in comparison? Anyone else think this?

Kirber said...

I agree Alexei, I expected better picture quality. It's not doing it for me!

BBC HD is the benchmark and the others are not coming close.

andylloyd86 said...
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awol said...

But it depends if the shows are actually in HD!

Anyone know if you can tell if the shows are in HD and not just upscaled??

For example, on Sky HD, when you press info, it has a HD icon if the programme is actually in HD!

BikeNutt said...

4HD has a DOG when displaying HD content and the sound jumps to DD5.1 if included as part of the programmes soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Just seen Bon Jovi in HD on MTV and looks good. True blood also on FX looks good and in 5.1 too

Kirber said...

The picture quality for the adverts are certainly a lot sharper on all the HD channels, but then we don't want to watch HD adverts.

NCIS on FXHD doesn't appear to be any different to SD. Somebody tell me that this was made in HD?