July 01, 2009

PictureBox on Virgin Media

The service isn't available yet but there's a Picturebox Virgin Media website now active. This isn't the launch selection and no mention of what will be in HD, but worth bookmarking for when it gets going this month.


parmo said...

Seems that we can "Choose from 28 Films at any one time for an incredible prize!"

mattbuk said...

Parmo, I noticed that as well...strange lol.

I know it's only £5 a month, but those films just arn't good enough for me to sign up.

I'll keep the £5 a month and put it towards sky sports when the footy starts back up!

Media Boy said...

PictureBox is to launch on Virgin TV via Movies on Demand on Thursday (July 2nd).

mattbuk said...

I'm still waiting for virgin to connect me since I have moved house.

In all I will be waiting 2 and a bit weeks.

Installers came out last Friday and realised my house was the only house on the street not to have a junction box outside it! So I have to wait until next Thursday before I get my services :(

I was without tv and internet for 2 days until I got my mobile hocked up as a modem as a temp solution and got a tv cable for my tv.

I only found out M J died through a joke text message!!!!

bradmcr said...

It has launched this morning and there is a lot of HD movies

Nialli said...

I'm at work - can anyone who's access to VM mail me a list of the HD movies available on PictureBox and I'll post up the details? Thanks

Dexter said...

i just got home and checked it out, i counted 20 of the films in HD, and I would love to see Jaws in HD. I think this is a good start which will hopefully get better in time, and £5 a month is not too bad.

I'm also hearing Living will be VM next linear HD channel...we'll have to wait and see.