July 27, 2009

Heroes returns to BBC HD

The new season of BBC HD's leading US import Heroes won't be with us until the autumn, but for those who are missing their regular fix of Sylar and co BBC HD is repeating the first season in double-episode sized helpings on Saturday nights leading up to the new series. You remember the first season? The GOOD one before things went seriously astray?
Also coming up is a season of Friday night movies in HD at 10.30. The first two have been shown on the channel before - The History Boys on July 31st and The Wonder Boys on August 7th - so it remains to be seen if we'll actually get any movies new to the channel or not.

1 comment:

Anth B said...

One off the best American imports, and is shown off in great high definition. Shame about season 2 and 3 but i hope season 4 can go back to the good old days.

If you have never seen season 1 of heroes it is well worth the watch.