July 31, 2009

Meanwhile Sky HD customers double

Sky's latest results are, as is becoming customary, hugely impressive. And again the main driver appears to be HD. Overall, Sky now has 9.442m customers, with annual net customer additions of 462,000 - the highest number in five years. Sky HD added 534,000 customers net over the year, taking it to a subscriber base of 1.313m. Details of the Sky results on The Guardian's site.
Virgin Media's latest quarter results are published next Thurday (August 6th).


BikeNutt said...

I wonder if VM are now wishing they jumped on the HD bandwagon earlier.

If only they would actually listen to their customers...

Sniper in the Trees said...

Well if they had jumped on the bandwagon earlier, they'd still have me. I know I'm not a pivotal chunk of revenue, but a few hundred thousand like me would be for sure!! I left because the continual false promises and empty commitments just hacked me off. I'm really pleased that the VM faithful got rewarded though, let's hope it's the first in a number of additions. And let's hope (for my sake) that Sky HD hasn't peaked!! :-)

baw said...

Yes but remember the Virgin network wasn't physically capable of carrying the HD channels until they rolled out DOCSIS 3 - now that they have who knows ?

OFCOM force Sky to offer the premium HD offerings to everyone at competitive prices ... possibly

100 Mbit internet speeds ... a certainty.

True HD VOD on demand already dwarfs sky's system.

Lower the prices for phone and they would be laughing.

We can dream - but there definitely seems to be a strategy at Virginmedia right now that is slowly starting to bear fruit.

BikeNutt said...

And the operative word there is slowly.

Don't get me wrong, I've been a cable customer since 1993 and now we're getting the HD content I really think the overall VM offering is looking much more rosy. But it's not like they couldn't have seen this coming years ago. A missed opportunity on their part.

DOCSIS 3.0 is/was not a requirement for linear HD content delivery, although it probably removes potential congestion issues for further expansion.