July 15, 2009

New 50mb pricing from Virgin

According to today's press release, the 50mb service is now available across the Virgin Media network. And they've dropped the price, too.
To celebrate the completion of the network roll-out, Virgin Media announced a new pricing structure for its 50Mb service. From 1st September Virgin Media will reduce the monthly cost of its 50Mb service for new and existing customers to £28, when taken with a phone line, or £38 if taken as a sole product, making the ultrafast service ultra-fantastic value. The 50Mb service continues to be free of traffic management.
Which is nice. Not sure how much VIP customers need to pay to upgrade from 20mb - anyone know?
Also, there's a free Virgin netbook on its way...but I don't have any more details than this TechRadar story at the moment.
Pretty momentous week for VM...


Afront said...

More the the netbook:


The Little Guy said...

£10 a month + installation fee

lee said...

I'm on VIP XL package, currently £37 for 20MB - I asked if in September it would go down to £28 for 50MB and was simply told "Yes".

They did look into my account, so can only assume it's true - yippee!!

Oh...it's a site about HD...erm...oh yeah, I can stream HD quicker!


Lee said...

cool just had the 50 meg installed on saturday :) shame i only get about 39 meg tho

andylloyd86 said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm currently paying £25/month for Broadband L (up to 10mbs) so for an extra £3 a month I can get up to 5x the speed. I'll be having some of that.