July 17, 2009

Picturebox - the month ahead

Just discovered that if you click the "Forward" button several times on the Picturebox site you can see the next 28 films coming to the service over the next month.
Not a great line up to be truthful - the odd gem like ET but, as someone else remarked, the selection is like the DVDs you find for sale in a basked at a garage check out. Still can't see any indication on the site as to what's in HD.


OLU said...

Can virgin Media look in to this HD for Us? at list we paying FOR a HD box

Can't you see AMERICAN 90% of there cable are in HD even NEW are in HD
and we still fooling around UK in about who or who dont like HD

WE SOON ENTERING 2010 AND virgin media keep it up and you lose US all ok

OLU said...
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mattbuk said...

I thought I would give it a go at only £5 a month and it's not too bad. I suppose if you only watch 4/5 a month it's worth it.