April 22, 2010

Next Generation TV roll out update

MediaBoy's posted a list of the headends and areas still to be upgraded to Virgin's NGTV platform. Details here: NGTV News
18 headends covering some 58 regions. I think MB's updating the list regularly but it's not got a date on it so I'm not 100% sure. (Once areas are upgraded they get the additional HD channels from Discovery, Syfy, E4 and Eurosport, with the Nagra 3 encryption following as the new Smart Cards are distributed. The rollout should be completed by June.)
And a quick reminder that Virgin's Q1 2010 results are due next Wednesday, so there may be some service additions announced to coincide. Don't y'all get too excited now...


Media Boy said...

Good idea on the ''last update was'' date I will add it later today.

Media Boy said...

Date Added.

Good news for Virgin Media viewers:

Tonight's Sky News ELECTION DEBATE is being rebroadcast on BBC TWO and BBC HD from 11.20pm.