April 18, 2010

Sky HD channels - coming VERY soon to Virgin Media?

Before each quarter's Virgin Media results there's always speculation on the various cable TV forums on what's going to be announced. Q1 2010's numbers are due on April 28th, so how about this little tidbit from Big Red (a frequently reliable source) over on Cable Forum?
Virgin Media TV - no plans for the sale of VM TV or its 50% ownership of UKTV, in fact VM are looking to grow with HD conversion of some of these channels.
Living HD/Sky1 HD - DONE DEAL - a pure swap deal fully expecting some kind of press release in the coming weeks.
Sky HD Pack - VM&Sky have already started to broker a deal for these channels - note these are for Sky's 100% HD channels - Not Joint Ownership HD channels i.e. MGM, Bio etc etc and ?s around the Five HD deal.
The Sky HD pack is expected before the summer


Anonymous said...

This would be great news,Just hope it is true

bluemonkeymagic said...

Just curious as to how much they're going to charge us XL customers

Anonymous said...

dont think they will be a charge for normal channels,probably(hopefully not) just pay extra supplement for movies and sports if recieving sd versions.VM seems to be pushing hd for free to much to suddenly start charging on top

Moroboshi said...

LoveFilm, iTunes, PSN, and Xbox Live Marketplace have long since rendered the idea of old fashioned movie channels irrelevant for me (even in HD).

Sky One HD however, with it's line-up of Lost, Fringe, 24, and the like, I could use. That said, I wouldn't pay any more than £1-2 a month for it.

Media Boy said...

NGTV News:

The Reading Headend last night join NGTV (Reading was set to join in May on the info I was given.)

Nialli said...

@Media Boy: does that mean they're ahead of schedule?

Square eyes said...

For you information, VM will not be charging for any HD channels which are available through the XL tv package.

Media Boy said...
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Media Boy said...

I have seen rumours on the web that says Virgin Media to have NGTV in all areas by late May.

But on my list they will run into the 1st week of June with areas still to go NGTV.

But I do know Virgin have got FIVE days to launch NGTV in FOUR areas.

So Virgin may move an other May area into an April launch date.