April 29, 2010

Sky agrees deal with Virgin for reduced rate Sky Sports

It's complex, but Sky has today agreed a new deal to provide Virgin Media, BT and Top Up TV with discounted wholesale deals for Sky Sports. According to MediaGuardian:

BSkyB has today dropped fight to get the Competition Appeals Tribunal to implement a "stay" to postpone the implementation of Ofcom's ruling that it must cut the amount it charges all rival pay-TV operators to offer Sky Sports by more than 20% [...] Despite today's deal BSkyB intends to mount a case to overturn the Ofcom ruling that it must slash the cost of SkySports 1 and 2. It will present to the C.A.T. in a matter of weeks, but its rivals will be able to take advantage of those new prices while it argues its case.
No word yet though as to what's happening with OFCOM's ruling on the availability of Sky Sports HD (and Sky Movies HD) on non-BSkyB platforms.

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Square eyes said...

Bit of a turn around, from alomost stating no chance hell will they agree - now this. Hmmmm the plot thickens