April 13, 2010

NGTV rollout continues apace - more HD channels for more

According to Cable Forum, Virgin's Next Generation TV platform (that gives access to the HD versions of Eurosport, E4, Syfy and Discovery) is continuing its rollout across the country and is now implemented on 35 of Virgin's headends. Discussion thread and latest areas to go live here.


Afront said...

After seeing a massive Virgin Media ad in the newspapers here in Scotland promoting ITV HD (which we can't get here), I sent the following email to STV:

I would like to say how disappointed I am that you are blocking ITV HD from Virgin Media customers resident in Scotland. Is this block permanent or might ITV HD be made available in time for this summer's World Cup? I heard a rumour that there may be an STV HD channel coming soon. Might this be available in time for the World Cup?

They replied the same day with:

Thanks for contacting STV. STV are working on plans regarding HD, however nothing can be confirmed at the moment.

frank said...

According to the Freeview website postcode finder http://www.freeview.co.uk/freeview/HD , Freeview customers will get STV HD on the18 August 2010 in my area. I hope virgin media customers get STV HD before this!