December 18, 2010

Another TiVo review and more pics (Pocket-lint)

Interesting hands-on review and more pictures of Virgin Media TiVo on Pocket-lint.
(And just three stars for Toy Story 3??? Maybe TiVo isn't so bright after all!)


Moroboshi said...

I must admit it does sound interesting, and clearly an epic leap above any other PVR available in the UK. (chiefly of course the dismally bad V+ we all currently suffer)

I really wish they had better industrial design for the box itself however. It looks like a 1980s throwback. Truly ugly and cheap looking casing.

kevbhoy84 said...

Its also saying John Cusack instead of Joan in the Toy Story 3 description.

Surely if it just records everything it thinks we'll like well be left with the same situation we have now where we have to go back and delete content to free up space, although it has 1tb is it intelligent enough to leave space for the stuff we've actually requested to record?

Tank said...

The things it records using suggestions, are also automatically deleted first if it needs space (in date order).
The TiVo also only records suggestions if there is disk space available.

Ross said...

Only 3 stars out of 4, though not 5.
Incidentally, judging from other screenshots, they only give 3.5 stars for Up! Wow, their reviewers are tough!