December 07, 2010

How clever is TiVo?

A couple of posts from Cable Forum that go some way to explain what the fuss is about. First, Tony Hoyle:
Tivo's recording is smart.. for example if your series links clash it'll automatically reschedule another recording for later (the one you want 'now' and the one you want 'later' is settable using priorities).
It picks up on things you like and suggests other things. You catch a lot of new series that way (I often miss lots of stuff because nobody tells me about it until it's nearly on its last episode, then some says 'have seen zzz.. it's really good' and I've missed the lot. Never happened to me with Tivo - invariably it'd suggested the series before anyone even mentioned it - and I found a load of stuff before anyone else).
Wishlists can be set on individual actors, or genres, or all sorts of other information (it's the rich EPG that allows Tivo to be so smart).
Apps and stuff don't interest me that much, although the Tivo ipad interface sounds pretty nice.
And yes, Tivo is worth it. With a Tivo you view TV in a different way - instead of worrying about things like schedules and channels you can just look at what's available, watch some, thumb them up/down and never have to look at the EPG.. that's Tivo's job.. like a personal butler.
Secondly, Mimar:
I think its always been difficult to explain the benefits of TiVo in writing but a lot easier to demo to friends, especially after Sky plus was launched and people were a bit more aware.
For me, its always been about the basics plus the advantage of the intelligent system built in.
For example, it allows you to prioritise the programs that you like and will then go out of its way to ensure they are all recorded.
If say House was on at 9pm and Ncis was also on at 9pm and Ncis was higher in your order of preferred shows it would record Ncis . . . . but then it realises Ncis is repeated at 01.00am so it would record House at 9pm and also pick up Ncis at its later time ensuring it avoids the clash but also records both shows. This is of course just an example as twin or triple tuners will allow for most clashes to be avoided but they do still happen and its the way TiVo learns to fix these issues (by itself) that quickly teaches you to have faith in it.
It's great to find it has also recorded a rock documentary (on an obscure channel) that you were unaware was listed but it has picked it up anyway because you watched an Old Grey Whistle Test special four weeks ago.


Erich said...

Yes, saying that Tivo merely delivers a "new interface" is somewhat underselling what it does, as it's a considerable upgrade in terms of functionality. The question is whether most people really feel they need it badly enough to warrant the cost.

Richardr said...

"it's the rich EPG that allows Tivo to be so smart" quite right, and let's hope we get one.

I gave up on the original TIVO when it stopped carrying detailed EPG information about UK programmes, so that, for example, actor searches would no longer work for UK programmes. It was also like Virgin in not being dynamically and accurately updated, it was downloaded once a day.

For TIVO to work as it should, both are required.

Kiz said...

I honestly couldn't be any happier with VM right now. I consider myself a technical person with a real obsession with gadgets. Already bad enough we are always behind the states, but this makes up for everything. A content provider that offers a solution a kin to GoogleTV, AppleTV and more rolled in to a box I already have to have anyway, and can opt to improve. Fantastic move.

What is most exciting is simply that VM is a content provider and ISP. No arguing about what is and isn't allowed on the network etc

Well Played indeed

Kieran Donnelly
MD of F8 IT Solutions Limited