December 23, 2010

More 3D content coming to Virgin Media

For those who can't get enough of watching telly with their sunglasses on, Virgin Media is adding more 3D movies and documentaries to the on demand service over the next few months:
3D documentaries available to XL TV customers only
- 3D Sun – today (23 Dec)
- Dinosaurs Alive – today (23 Dec)
- Mummies - Jan
- Waking the T-Rex: The Story of Sue – Jan
- Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box - Jan
- The Extreme Nature Bats - Feb
- MircoWorlds - Feb
3D animations available to all Virgin Media TV customers
- Xenopod – today (23 Dec)
- Curse of Skull Rock – today (23 Dec)
- The Mission - Jan
- Voyage to Mars - Jan
3D Movies on Demand – pay-per-view
- The Hole – 17th Jan
- Despicable Me – Feb


Dazz285 said...

VM should stop playing catch-up to Sky on 3d and start playing catch-up on HD...

Moroboshi said...

I wonder how many people actually own 3D HDTVs in the UK. It seems ultra niche at present, unlike HD, which has been the standard for a good few years now.

Nialli said...

"Not many" would be my guess, but as the price difference comes down it will look like more are adopting as most people buying a new TV will want to "futureproof" it to some degree. How many are actually watching 3D is probably the question that Sky and Virgin won't answer if it's embarrassingly low.
If you want to experience the muted dark colours of 3D, watch Avatar on Sky Premier SD today with sunglasses on :)

Remo said...

I have just bought a 3D HDTV and find it exciting and worth the extra but I am fed up with the false adverse comments from those without this great step forward.hyrofi