December 23, 2010

The Samsung V+

Oh, this is more like it. Responds to the remote. Records two HD channels simultaneously whilst viewing a third. Changes channels same day/hour/minute/second. Connects to On Demand on demand. Looks like a proper piece of AV kit under the TV rather than a neon-bathed curiousity. HD and SD picture quality absolutely stunning.
Fabulous. It can also record radio programmes. The only downside I'm aware of is that I won't be able to watch TV whilst archiving to external recorder and that EPG display is output through the VCR scart. Haven't checked this myself but it's a minor inconvenience to me.
Thanks to Spiderplant and VM engineer Alex for making it so, and Erich for his encouragement.
Happy Christmas one and all!
A happy Samsung V+ chap


hm227 said...

Welcome to the club. BTW, you can archive and watch something else at the same time with the Sammy. It's only when you have your TV connection through scart instead of HDMI that you can't.

Lee said...

Hi Nialli

This is my first post, although I have been reading your blog for ages now :)

Had my virgin HD+ changed for the new Samsung 0n Christmas Eve and it is miles quicker. It could be my imagination, but the HD picture seems a little bit softer than the previous Vrign box. Have you noticed anything?

peterbehrend said...

Enjoy it while you can.

Mine lasted all of 2 weeks before giving the dreaded Stop message.

Engineer refused to replace it with another Samsung as they are so unreliable.

Roll on Tivo....