December 21, 2010

Another TiVo review

Here is another review of the TiVo, but I'd suggest it's approached with some caution as it is dated December 4th (pre-TiVo 500 rollout) and would be of an early version of the software/hardware. A little concerned regarding the comments on upscaling - I watch far less standard def these days but I would be disappointed to lose the SD upscaling capabilities of the V+. Having said that, the SD versions of the Sky Movies channels are pretty dire.
I'm not sure how unbiased this review is - it's from a forum for MythTV and reads like a promotion it to some degree. It also leads with the negatives rather than positives.
Maybe someone with access to a TiVo can review this review? I know VM are tight on confidentiality but it would be interesting to know a little more. I can be contacted via

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Erich said...

I wouldn't read too much into the picture quality issues. That could just as well have been down to the person's TV set. You could throw a BluRay at a mid or low-range TFT, and it would look rubbish.

I noticed the laggy menus on the various demo videos I have seen, and I made more or less the same comment as the reviewer some time ago, that the system looks OK, in fact, it's a quantum leap by VM standards, but it barely seems up to the standards of a decent media PC.