December 16, 2010

Bad week for Virgin Media in the Nialli household

First the random rebooting of my aged SA V+.
Then last night I found that the V+ had only recorded 13 minutes of the last episode of Any Human Heart from C4HD (but said that it had all 1h30). Mercifully it was on 4OD, albeit only in standard def.
Then this morning I got up extra early to watch The Ashes on Sky Sports HD, only to find no TV service whatsoever in Area 21.
Not a happy bunny.
(Incidentally, Virgin Media's new Help & Support Forum is a good place to report and track service problems - much easier than the 151 option.)


Dazza124 said...

It needs a tech visit who, if you lucky, will swap out for a new sammy.
He can also check signal and then in new year a tivo to make things feel good agisan in the Nialli household

Square eyes said...

just because you have mentioned TIVO

Have been playing on one for the last few days, just one word


All being well weather wise - should be getting one installed on Monday next week....can't wait

Nialli said...

Oh, you tease sir...!

Nialli said...

Update: After finding that my recording of The Walking Dead's climax had also failed after 20 mins, I rang VM and will have a box swap next Tuesday.
Watched Walking Dead in HD on Catch Up. Thanks to Spiderplant on Cable Forum who confirmed that my V+ disc was dying a slow, painful death.
Here's hoping for a Samsung...

Erich said...

You shouldn't have to hope, though.

If I were in charge at WM, you would have a brand spanking new Tivo to play with, or at the very least a working Samsung box. Everyone should have working equipment, of course, but it's further evidence of VM's incompetence that they can't even take care of someone who runs a popular blog dedicated to pimping their services. It's not just pathetic, it's bad business sense.

Some years ago, I wrote a series of usenet posts about the shortcomings of a new TV and received about 20-odd replies from people with similar problems, and to my amazement and great satisfaction, the manufacturer actually paid attention, and after a few quick emails back and forth, they sent out the area manager with a tech guy and a brand spanking new TV, and took care of the 20-odd other people as well. And this problem wasn't anywhere near as serious as what you seem to have to put up with from your box.

Come on Square Eyes, pull some strings, man. Make sure there's a Samsung in the VM van on Tuesday.

Nialli said...

I wouldn't expect special treatment just because I run this blog, but I do think that a VIP50 customer shelling out over £1000 a year for the service should be given the best equipment available.
To be fair to VM Spiderplant did contact me directly regarding my problem and checked my box for me late on Thursday evening, so I cannot complain about the service in anyway.
I will be disappointed if I get another SA - a Samsung would be far preferable. A TiVo? I very much doubt it.

Erich said...

Of course you wouldn't expect special treatment, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't receive it. However, it's not special treatment to expect working equipment, and it's unreasonable that the type of box you or anyone else receive should be luck of the draw, when some boxes are clearly better than others. There's obviously little or no chance of getting a Tivo next week, but you really shouldn't settle for an SA, if you had your sights set on a Samsung.

Kudos to Spiderplant, though, for making an effort.

Nialli said...

Hurrah. I now have a Samsung V+. Will have a play when I return home this evening. Same remote - is that right?
Thanks to VM engineer Alex for his prompt arrival (despite the weather) and his work this morning. Less fortunate was his driving; upon leaving he got stuck on the hill and then hit a lamp post. Still there as I type :(

Erich said...

Yes! I did it! I shamed VM into getting you a Samsung! You're welcome. :)