December 02, 2010

Virgin Media Investors presentation

Virgin Media Chief Exec Neil Berkett has just made another presentation to investors in City. The full slides are now online: Virgin Media Investors Day. Here are some of the new services confirmed in the presentation:
  • Main TiVo launch next year.
  • Aim to have 80 HD channels within 3 years.
  • 100mb to be formally launched in next few days.
  • Broadband tiers to be upgraded next year.
  • More TiVo boxes next year with different (smaller) hard drive sizes.
  • A TiVo remote with qwerty keyboard alluded to.
  • Free calls from VM mobiles back to VM landlines.
  • A phone credit system. If you have a sub (triple-play?) to VM services, you can use that to get discounts off mobile calls.
  • Lots more TiVo apps to come, will launch with Facebook, Twitter, ebay and others.
  • VM director descibes the launch of tivo as "first rung on the ladder" "lots more to come in the future."
  • Should be able to watch content from different TiVo boxes throughout the home in January.
  • Ability to control TiVo and watch home content on mobile devices
(Thanks to Horizon on Cable Forum for the info.)

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