November 23, 2013

Discovering Netflix

Still playing with Netflix? I think I'm watching nothing but at the moment. I've just finished the final season of Breaking Bad (I was already on season 4 via my laptop's Netflix before it turned up on TiVo) and I can't rate that show highly enough - it really does live up to the hype. How UK broadcasters ignored this after season 2 is beyond me - better than anything on Sky Atlantic or anywhere if you ask me.
My family are also enjoying Firefly and I think we'll be dipping in to the Spacey House of Cards before long. And the temptation to re-visit the entire run of Battlestar Galatica in HD is probably too great for lil' ol' me. The TV back catalogues available really are first class, and most of the recent ones are in Super HD, full 1080p. The series from BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are great too, although I haven't noticed many in HD yet. Not bad for a free service for the next six months if you're on VIP or Premier.
But I can't pretend to understand which studios have signed up to provide films to Netflix in the UK. For example, I'm not aware of any of the following appearing on Sky Movies yet: The Hobbit, Unexpected Journey; The Raid; Seven Psychopaths; The Woman in Black; Hansel & Gretel; Magic Mike; Lawless; Gambit; Amour and even the Hunger Games, yet they're all on Netflix UK. Also, why all the great Pixar movies...except the three Toy Stories? Very odd. Does anyone know how this works?
BTW, the quickest way to launch Netflix: go to channel 204 and press the red button.


f1king said...

If you have an IPad, the quickest way to watch Netflix is to use the app on the iPad then there's an option to watch on TiVo. Only just discovered this but it is so easy and cool!

howardmicks said...

netflix have certain films that are exclusive the ones you mention and also the expendebles films,they are hoping in the future to tie up movies companies when the sky exclusives run out

Viola said...

Another quick way to enter the app is through the 'DIscovery And Launch' (DIAL) protocol - it works with the TiVo from both the Netflix and YouTube apps on Android and iOS as long as your TiVo's on the same home network.

Just choose your content then fling it to the box :)

I think the Chromecast uses the same technology.

MegaMason777 said...


I have a VPN network that connects me to several different countries, I get to watch Netflix shows from America and Canada and some European countries also. It's very good. On my pc of course. Virgins is just UK obviously. I'm with boxpn. For £33 per year it's pretty good, plus my internet usage is hidden to some degree hehe