November 18, 2013

US Netflix on TV gets a major update

I doubt we'll see this immediately on TiVo, but here's what we can expect next...

Netflix On TV Gets A Major Makeover

(From Netflix)
Around the world our members stream a lot of programmes and films via their televisions, through a Smart TV app or through internet-connected devices such as game consoles, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players. In fact, the majority of the more than one billion hours our members watch each month is done on a TV.

Today we are excited to unveil the biggest update to our TV experience in Netflix history. This update improves the Netflix TV experience for Netflix members around the world, and for the first time extends rich features to platforms such as Roku, Smart TV and Blu-ray players as well as PlayStation and Xbox 360.

More than a year and half in the making, this new experience evolved through a process of design exploration, iteration and testing that extended throughout all parts of the Netflix TV experience. We set out to deliver an update that would make it even easier to discover something great to watch and we think we succeeded.

After starting Netflix, you’ll immediately notice the cinematic and rich visual experience. As you navigate, three large images for each programme and film provide much more context about a title. We also added a shorter, more descriptive synopsis as well as personalised information to provide more detail about why you should watch a specific title. This personalised information can be based on your social network, viewing history or taste preferences.

As you look at the details of a particular title, you’ll see a broader synopsis and more detail on the cast. For TV shows we have added a refined episode selector that uses images for each episode along with a synopsis.

Searching for something specific? Search is now much more visual, designed for use on TV screens and providing results for titles as well as for actors and directors.

Our popular section for kids also has the new design. The kids area also uses a subtle blue background and subtle “kids” label so parents can see from a distance that kids are using the appropriate part of Netflix. This update also extends the kids experience to Roku and some Smart TVs for the first time.

A few other notable aspects of this major TV experience update:
  • Support for Netflix Profiles across all devices
  • Support for voice on Xbox 360
  • Support for pointer-based navigation on Smart TVs
  • A redesign of post-play, the feature that automatically starts the next episode of a TV programme or displays recommendations after watching a film
The updated Netflix TV experience rolls out globally beginning on 13th Nov and will take about two weeks to reach all devices. The update will go to devices including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Roku 3, and new and future Smart TVs and Blu-ray players. In addition, some recent Smart TVs and Blu-ray players may receive this based on manufacturer’s update plans. Additional devices, including other Roku boxes, will be added at a later date.

We hope you enjoy the update. For us, this has been one of our biggest and most exciting projects and we are thrilled to finally share it with you!

Chris and the Netflix TV team.

Chris Jaffe is vice president of product innovation at Netflix


Nialli said...

Note that the shows illustrated are from US Netflix, which you can't access via your TiVo. However, on a PC or Mac the Media Hint extension for Firefox or Chrome is worth tracking down...

Complete Lack Of Surprise said...

Is it possible to get Netflix US on a Virgin HD box by changing the DNS? Or are Virgin wise to that trick.

Nialli said...

I've not heard of a way to get Netflix US on TiVo. It's definitely possible using Chrome or Firefox on a computer, but I'm not away of a way of doing it on VM's hardware.