November 12, 2013

Netflix free for six months for VIP and Premier Collection customers

Virgin Media lights up TV screens with Netflix launch
●        Netflix app now available in over 1.8 million Virgin Media TiVo homes
●        Customers taking a Premiere or VIP Collection eligible for a six-month gift subscription to Netflix
●        Unbeatable choice of latest blockbusters now available on Virgin Media
Netflix launches on Virgin Media TiVo today, bringing critically acclaimed original series including House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, Arrested Development and Orange is the New Black, as well as Netflix exclusives like the hit series Breaking Bad, to over 1.8 million UK homes1.
The brand new Netflix app complements Virgin Media’s huge collection of On Demand entertainment, with over 6,000 hours all ready to watch instantly. This includes an unbeatable choice of films from Virgin Movies, Sky Movies, PictureBox and now Netflix, the world’s leading internet television network, alongside dedicated movie channels such as Film4 and TCM.
New and existing Virgin Media customers can enjoy an unprecedented six month gift subscription to Netflix if they sign-up to Virgin Media’s Premiere or VIP Collections2.  Virgin Media TiVo customers on other packages will be able to make the most of the one-month free trial offered to all new Netflix members.

Virgin Media viewers can easily search and browse Netflix’s acclaimed line-up and right across Virgin TV’s entire choice of entertainment, including content apps such as BBC iPlayer and catch-up TV from all the UK’s terrestrial broadcasters, Virgin Movies and complete series of On Demand television.
Dana Strong, Virgin Media’s chief operating officer, said: “With the addition of our Netflix app, Virgin Media customers have an unbeatable line-up of movies and TV series to choose from. Whether it’s part of a subscription or pay-per-view, Virgin Media TiVo will help you find everything from the classic gem you’ve always wanted to watch to this summer’s biggest hits, all seamlessly integrated for simple, easy viewing.
“People love watching with Virgin Media TiVo and we continue to lead the way as the fastest growing pay TV service in the country. In two years, 1.8 million homes have signed up to Virgin Media TiVo and what we believe is the best way to watch television.”
Bill Holmes, global head of business development, Netflix, said: “By partnering with Virgin Media we’re bringing an amazing Netflix experience to millions of TV fans and movie lovers.”
Following a successful pilot, Netflix is available in the Apps & Games section of Virgin Media TiVo and coincides with the latest updates to Virgin Media TiVo for all customers. From greater energy efficiency for each set-top box, to improved WishLists and recommendations, Virgin Media continues to develop the service, making Virgin Media TiVo the best way to watch TV, ever.

couple of foot notes on the press release I missed:

1 The Netflix app roll-out is underway and will be complete by 15th November
2 Customers already taking the Premiere or VIP Collections package will need to re-contract for another 12 months to enjoy the six month gift subscription to Netflix. Limited availability. After the initial promotion period Netflix will cost £5.99 on a month-by-month basis.


rob cronin said...

not yet in newcastle/gateshead :-(

Leod said...

For "New" customers. As an existing VIP customer, customer service just basically told me to bugger off.

Nialli said...

Customer service folk may not be up to speed yet. If you're happy to sign up for a further 12 months with VM, you get the free Netflix for six months. VM's own website now confirms this.
Worth another call I suggest. I haven't done it myself yet as I'm abroad, but will do so when I return to the UK later this week.

howardmicks said...

Be very carefull it's not a new contract you are stuck with its a loss of your loyalty discounts,looks like vm are trying to get rid of loyalty discounts and what a way to do it

Paulie W said...

I can`t see what all the fuss is about. If I wanted Netflix, I`d have got it a long time ago.

Unknown said...

I didn't think having netflix on TiVo would be worth it.
Then when using netflix on the iPad I noticed a little square button near the top right corner.

One press of this button and whatever netflix program I'm watching on my iPad is sent straight to the TiVo.

When doing this it also means I can use the iPad as a second screen.

The picture quality on the TiVo Netflix app is also superb.

Now I can leave the netflix app on Xbox for the US content without having to change DNS settings when going back to UK content.

As an existing subscriber netflix on TiVo is a great free bonus and then some.

Graeme Hunter said...

Set it up last night (existing Netflix subscriber). All looks good apart from I don't think the app has profiles in it yet, which I like on the PS3 app as it keeps our viewing separate (no TOWIE affecting suggestions on my profile).

Confused of Greenwich said...

Can someone please clarify who do I need to contact first about the offer? I am an existing VIP subscriber and happy to sign up for a further year. Virgin say ring Netflix, Nextflix didn't seem to know about the offer...
thanks, Confused.

Nialli said...

I suggest anyone having issues with this have a read of this and PM BenMc if necessary - he's always helpful and a great guy to boot

asboboy said...

i have the TiVo premier package that came with a free hd box, can someone tell me why i cant get netflix on the hd box, or do i have to subscribe and pay. any help would be great as the kids are drilling me about it. thanks