November 03, 2013

Shows unavailable on Now TV live streaming

Quite a list, but at least they communicate it via this Sky forum

Here's what wasn't on Now TV yesterday:

01/11/13Sky 1Jingle All The Way23:0000:45
01/11/13Sky LivingThe Mob Doctor23:0000:00
02/11/13Comedy CentralThe Office01:3002:00
02/11/13Sky AtlanticHouse Of Lies01:4002:15
02/11/13Sky 1Futurama02:4503:00
02/11/13Comedy CentralKing of Queens02:5503:45
02/11/13Sky LivingMedium03:3004:20
02/11/13Sky 1Game Changers09:0010:00
02/11/13Sky AtlanticER12:0013:00
02/11/13Sky AtlanticER13:0014:00
02/11/13Sky LivingThe Biggest Loser USA14:0015:00
02/11/13Sky AtlanticER14:0015:00
02/11/13Sky LivingThe Biggest Loser USA15:0016:00
02/11/13MTVThe Fresh Prince of Bel Air18:0019:30
02/11/13Sky 1The Simpsons19:0019:30
02/11/13Sky 1The Simpsons19:3020:00
02/11/13Sky 1Jingle All The Way20:0021:45
03/11/13MTVSouth Park01:0003:00
03/11/13Sky 1Futurama01:4502:00
03/11/13Comedy CentralKing of Queens02:5503:4

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