November 22, 2013

Calling Virgin Media

If you dial 150 from a VM landline it's free, but it can prove expensive from a mobile if you're on hold for a while. Android or Apple mobile users though can use the Smart Call App to dial 150 and it's free.
Also, if you don't like dealing with the offshore support team it's best to call VM during off hours and you get the UK call centre for TV and account queries in my experience. 


Dave Cross said...

"Smart Call App"? Can't find anything of that name on the Play Store.

rstevo28 said...

Search virgin media, it is on there.

McQueen said...

150 numbers are supposed to be free from Virgin mobiles.

Dave Cross said...

Ok. Found it. But it appears that it doesn't work with my VM phone plan :-(

Thanks for pointing it out though.

Square Eyes said...


150 from lndlines FREE
789 from Virgin mobile FREE

Smart call Virgin website FREE calls over e wireless network - You must be a media customer to get it, once registered you can have 2 mobiles registered (these DO NOT have to be Virgin mobiles), the FREE calls all depend on what your media call plan is, so don't go calling without checking what your call plan is. It can be used abroad as well for FREE calls on a wireless network, again depend on your media call plan.

niall kelly said...

If you want to speak to UK call centre anytime just call cancellation this puts you straight through to Uk Call centre no need to wait for off hours