November 05, 2013

Update on the TiVo Netflix update

The following areas have received our new TiVo update today:

  • Nottingham
  • Grimsby
  • Belfast
  • Swansea
  • Brighton
  • Wearside (Sunderland)
  • Preston
We appear to have moved on from the Pilot and are now seeing a full roll out. Check here for daily updates.


sduncb said...

Akso available in Wigan. Leigh. Atherton

TechnoDaily said...

It's available in Leeds now. I've got it. Woohooo

Jon said...

New Malden upgraded too :) Been using for 2 days. Working well.

alexander d said...

Got here in Preston.. It has definitely been worth the wait :-)

Norman Rodgers said...

No TiVo update in Belfast on 5/11/14.