January 13, 2009

Battlestar Galactica returns

What many (including this guy) call the greatest sci fi story of them all returns to Sky1 next Tuesday evening at 9pm for the final ten episodes. The good news for us Virgin Media customers who missed out on the first half of series four is that they're showing the episodes from last year in a quick burst this weekend on Sky2. Here's the schedule:
Wed 11pm Razor (self-contained movie)
Thursday night 12.10am - 2pm (ten past midnight)
Friday night 11pm, midnight
Saturday night 10pm, 11pm
Sunday night 11pm, midnight
Monday night 12.05am, 1.05am
It's shot in high def so this just about qualifies for this blog - it's certainly TV of the highest quality, trust me.


Anonymous said...

Greatest sci-fi series? I beg to differ. I watched the first half of the first season until it got so bogged down with religious rubbish as to make me feel ill.

Best sci-fi on at the moment is an anime series called Casshern Sins in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Your Fri 12.10am slot (which would be "Thursday night" by the way you did the rest of the days) is actually until 2am and is He That Believeth in Me/Six of One, the first two episodes, according to RT, so that's everything listed already with no missing eps.

And then Tuesday 20th at 9pm right after all those repeats is the start of the new series on Sky 1. And HD on the off chance VM have it by then!

Dunno about Casshern Sins but I've not seen a better sci fi series than BSG that's actually on TV here. Of course it's not going to be everyone's favourite sci fi series like The Wire isn't everyone's favourite cop show but it's pretty good really.

Afront said...

Agree with you Nialli, Battlestar Galactica has become essential television. A fracking shame this is the final 10 episodes; I have high hopes for spin-off series Caprica though.

Nialli said...

Thanks for tracking down the missing episode; I've revised the original post accordingly. Wrote things in a rush this morning so apologies for that.
As I haven't seen it I can't comment on Casshern Sins. Everyone has their own views, but for me BSG is great TV drama, just happens to be sci-fi.
My wife can't stand The Wire but I think it's one of the best thing I've ever seen - horses for courses I guess.
I very much doubt we'll have Sky1 HD in time for either BSG or the next season of Lost. I'm finding the PQ on Sky1 very agreeable, especially for the series shot using HD equipment, so we're not suffering too much in its absence.

Chris said...

Those Saturday listings don't tally with the EPG, unfortunately. Sky2 seems to be tied up with an old series of '24' all day Saturday and well into the early hours of Sunday.

Nialli said...

that's odd. Still listed as I've suggested at radiotimes.com

Anonymous said...

The first time I watched this version I'd just watched the original BSG & couldn't get round the various changes in particular a female Starbuck. Late last year I was persuaded to give it another go & I'm glad I did as it really is a great series. Hopefully the Caprica spin-off will be at least as good.

Nialli said...

As chris pointed out, the VM EPG's not right. All the online listings show BSG Saturday night (eg http://uk-tv-guide.com/listings-grid/Sky2/17+January+2009/20%3A00/) so it may be wise to set a manual recording rather than rely on the EPG on Saturday.