January 20, 2009

Berkett interview in the Telegraph

Virgin Media Chief Executive Neil Berkett is featured in this interview in the Daily Telegraph. Not a word about high definition services...


BikeNutt said...

Satisfied that he has transformed Virgin Media and given it an identity, Mr Berkett says Virgin Media is now “a true Virgin company”

Identity: yes, but how on earth can the man make this claim with such appalling customer service??

Anonymous said...

he has done crap full stop broband yer he wins tht hd he sucks balls and virgin tv slow to get new channels

demented said...

"Mr Berkett’s goals are centred around his broadband offering, targeting 4m high-speed broadband customers by 2011, 100m viewings a month on video-on-demand and 1.6m contract mobile customers by end of 2012."

Apart from broadband what a spectacularly unambitious set of goals. I've said before he needs as the CEO to somehow physically get a system rolled out - IPTV or other- to get beyond 3.5 million tv subs. There are a lot of people out there who would get cable tv if they could, the lower paytv market.

Anonymous said...

So what has Berkett achieved?

A broadband service which is over priced, massively capped and throttled, and has the promise of both peer to peer throttling and phorm compulsory spyware too! Wow! Sign me up!

And a TV service with an at best passable VOD platform - it's unreliable in my experience and the amount of content, BBC iPlayer aside, is pretty miserable. The rest of the TV platform is clearly of little interest to Berkett, witness the near total lack of HD, the lack of new channels, and the very, very slow move to a modern H.264/MPEG 4/AVC platform.

All he's done is stick a Virgin logo on things. Wow. Well done. The customer service is still shockingly bad, worse than ever in fact. (I used to be in a Telewest area, and CS was better then)