January 26, 2009

BBC HD extends its hours

As promised some time back, BBC HD is broadcasting from 5pm now every day, albeit with repeats and children's programmes before 7pm. At 5pm each night this week there's Antiques Roadshow, and the following week the early slot is filled with Indian cookery and Delia.


BikeNutt said...

In March, the Beeb are supposed to be going to 9hrs per day (4pm - 1am).

The question is what are they going to fill the slots with? More repeats??

demented said...

The week of the 2nd of Feb is the first week where weekday averages average over 7 hours. Unfortunately the week after it's back down again. However Danielle Nagler has said twice now that she is willing to keep the promise her predecessor said although she keeps on saying March and not April (even better).

On her latest blog is the first indication as bikenutt says that rather than midnight it'll be the 4pm to 1am. However in her latest blog she has sort of hinted at hours beyond that (very radical for the BBC) and I have asked for clarification as I have asked before about what the BBCs thoughts are on that 4th HD slot in 2010. So far none has come.

There will be some new content. At least some of the Darwin season is on BBC HD. Also a 2nd episode of horizon seems to have made it's way onto BBC HD. It's unclear whether it's a repeat or not like the other one though.