January 15, 2009

New Samsung V+ details leaked

Thanks to Jasmeet_181 for the following:
Samsung 3110
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Jasmeet_181 said...

Front photo:

Rear photo:

The phono sockets will not be in the final version according to the document.

Anonymous said...

So will this be worth getting?

Current V+ box is so slow and unresponsive. Sometimes takes ages to do anything. Not like the Sky HD box which is much faster. (at least Virgin will replace boxes when they break. Dad is on 3rd HD box with Sky! at a cost to him)

Strange that you can't plug your speakers into new box?

Any news on price or release date?

BikeNutt said...

A cost cutting measure no doubt. I guess it's expected that most users with external amplification will use HDMI or SPDIF these days.

I look forward to reading the doc when I get a chance.

That silver dial looks too blingy for me though! ;-)

Anonymous said...

If it's MPEG 4/AVC/H.264 capable, as it surely is, then that will present Virgin with an interesting problem.

If they do eventually add more HD channels, do they put them out in the bandwidth hungry dinosaur that is MPEG 2, and have the channels visible to owners of both the old and new V+ box, or do they go MPEG 4 only? If they opted for the latter, they would need to offer an upgrade path for existing owners. This happened in the US recently as HD channels went to MPEG 4 to conserve bandwidth.

As an aside it would also be nice if this new box had a snappier UI, as the current one not only looks like a relic from decades ago, with it's horribly upscaled blocky white font on a black background, but it also is about as speedy to use as an 8-bit micro.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've got the current V+ box and I'd love this if it also came with new HD channels. However, will there be a switch charge and how much?

Anonymous said...

i spoke to virgin today and there new v+ hd box made by samsung (confirmed) has been released and is in testing .
it was released march 3rd and is in testing for any errors for 2-3 months so by the summer the box will be released and availible to all virin customers!
i have problems with my sound levels on my v+ box and aparently the new box will solve this problem! and hopefully the new v+ is more responsive..
i was also told that virgin was breifed thismorning on the there new hd content and they are aiming to release the new hd content along with the new box! hopefully virgin is going to show sky what virin is all about with this thets wait and see!!!