January 02, 2009

Sky1 repeats for Virgin customers

Thanks to Carol S for the following update on the latest on Lost:
A daily catchup for Virgin Media customers who missed season 4 begins on Tuesday at 10am on Sky2, with a repeat the same day on Sky1 at 2pm. The whole of season 4 is showing on weekdays (13 episodes if my memory serves me correctly), and season 5 itself kicks off on Sunday, January 25th at 9pm on Sky1. They're even showing the final episode of season 3 (the one at the airport with Jack and Kate) on Monday at 2pm on Sky1.
Also, for those who haven't seen Sky1's big budget adaptation of the first Terry Pratchett Discworld novel Colour of Magic, it is being repeated this weekend; part one on Saturday at 1pm, part two on Sunday at the same time.

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