January 27, 2009

Six Nations rugby in February on BBC HD

The first England home game, England v Italy, is to be broadcast on BBC HD on Saturday February 7th, coverage starting at 2pm. On Sunday, 8th at 2.30 there's coverage of Scotland v Wales. The following Saturday has Wales v England. As with previous years, it appears that the games from France or Italy are not being shown in HD - just those from the UK.
Here's a useful guide to Rugby (and other sports) coverage on the telly.
Disappointing news again though for SuperBowl fans: the BBC is only showing it on BBC1. If you want to see it in HD, you need a dish :o(

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the_gaffer said...

Fantastic news. This should actually distract me from the lack of HD on VM. Six nations lasts a couple of months so who knows - maybe when we're at the end we may have some new channels to go alongside BBC HD?

I do like the VM HD set up but I must echo some previous comments in that if I don't have a marked improvement by May at least (when my 12 months is up) I will switch to Sky