January 24, 2009

"A wide range of HD On Demand programmes"

Digging for the Truth (4 episodes)
Fire and Ice: The Winter War
George Lopez: American's Mexican
Human Weapon (5 episodes)

Ice Road Truckers (4 episodes)
The Universe (6 episodes)
Absolutely pathetic, and shrinking by the day it seems. Not worth listing anymore really, is it?


Chris said...

Do you have to pay to get the on demand stuff. I have XL package but seriously thinking about scrapping virgin now.

Anonymous said...

Come over to the darkside and get Sky+HD; once you do you'll just never want to go back to Virgin's woeful HD content

Afront said...

Digging for the Truth, it seems that Virgin are a load of Ice Road **uckers. The Winter War for Sky content may be over, but if you want to see The Universe of HD, V+ is not where it's at. We'd hoped Nialli's petition might be a Human Weapon to show Virgin some people-power, but in the end they treat us like ...er... an American Mexican.

Chris said...

Is the HD content free though. As when I go to it it says £.... for each thing.

Nialli said...

It's part of the TV XL package and you need the V+ to view it. The only pay HD content I'm aware of is Filmflex movies and the Adult content.

Dazz285 said...

Sci Fi HD will launch on Sky channel 214 this evening, NBC Universal Global Networks has announced.

Test transmissions for the channel began in December. It will become the 31st high definition channel to be offered on the Sky+ HD service.

BikeNutt said...

Thought you'd just rub that one in, eh?