April 22, 2009

BBC and ITV HD schedules

Just found this handy page on the Freesat site as a quick way of checking out what's on ITV HD in the coming week. Also clearer than the new BBC HD site.


Anonymous said...

Wow, hardly anything on ITV HD at the moment! Guess we're not missing too much. The next week has...

3 films: 40 year old virgin, The Flintstones, and Door in the Floor (so 1 newish popular one I've seen, 1 less new cheesey/kids one and 1 I hadn't heard of but guess I MIGHT have watched if I had ITV HD.. at least if it was recordable or on catchup, much less likely to bother with "red button" live viewing only)

and 1 football game (which I'm not interested in but I guess a lot of disgruntled VM customers are!).

Sniper in the Trees said...

I really can't understand ITV's continued free-sat "exclusivity" with their HD channel. OK so they have a stake in Free-Sat but surely opening up their HD content to the much larger VM & Sky customer bases would result in more revenue, both to stick in the bank (Everyone knows they need that) and to improve the HD content which isn't dazzling (as anonymous said above) I'd be formalising agreements and taking some cash before the EU force them to release their free-to-air content to all with a free-to-air capable receiver. Which is how it will go eventually. It's already 'sort of' happened on the sky platform albeit in a very "back door" sort of way. Surely more viewers equals more revenue?? That's how commercial telly works isn't it??

Anonymous said...

Who cares what is on ITV HD, we don't have it!

It still shows Engalnd games, FA Cup and Champions League in glourious HD (Watched on fathers SKY HD box)

That is Football in HD, which is a pipe dream for Virgin customers!!