April 29, 2009

iPlayer HD - good enough to play through your TV?

Those dapper guys at Crave have had a good look at the new BBC iPlayer HD and rate it pretty highly. Here's their conclusion:
"So, is iPlayer HD good enough for your HD TV? Yes, we think it is actually. The quality isn't perfect, but if you missed something, or simply don't have access to the proper HD channel, it's likely to be a godsend. We're hopeful that the BBC will continue to improve the quality."
And for more, here's the link to the full review.


Anonymous said...

The blank folder for iPlayer HD has appeared on HD. We already know we're only going to get it in 720p :-( but it will be a huge improvement on no service.

Anonymous said...

"We already know we're only going to get it in 720p :-("

Wrong! It's arrived and it's 1080i.

Ian Best said...

i Player HD is now on Virgin Media.

Go to Cath up Tv then BBC i Player and there is a seperate box for HD.

Anonymous said...

Well that's not what Andy Quested of the BBC seemed to be saying. He seemed to be suggesting all platforms would get 720p and 3.2Mbs, although how on earth this would be on VM that doesn't currently use MPEG-4 is unknown.

Anyway since I posted programmes have started appearing. So we'll see what gets added.