April 28, 2009

Virgin Media in negotiations for History HD

According to Media Boy's "Coming Soon to Virgin TV" thread over on Cable Forum A&E, the folk behind the History channel, say that
We are in active discussions with Virgin Media in relation to both Military and History HD.
We hope that our discussions will be successful, but in the meantime would suggest that you also express your desire to receive these Channels directly to Virgin Media.
It is unclear whether this is for the HD channel or more on demand content (there has been some History HD on demand programming already, notably The Universe).
Still no official confirmation from Virgin regarding the timing of any additional HD services.


Anonymous said...

So historic and black and white pieces in which only little bits with presenters are in HD. What a waste of time.

Can't they concentrate on getting something that everyone wants to watch in HD glory?

anonymous said...

History shows a great deal of content in HD and not so much on the archive footage. I would be very happy to get it in HD. I'd be happy getting Military History even in SD as we've missed that channel for ages.

I don't watch FX or Sky1 but I'm not going to go round calling getting them in HD a waste of time just because I don't watch them personally.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the first comments.

Doesn't seem much point in having a HD channel, when most of the footage is in SD??

anonymous said...

History is 100% HD in the same sense that BBC HD is, every programme is rated as HD and a minority of the programming is below the deemed HD standard.

Where do people get these slightly daft comments from?

anonymouS said...

I guess people imagine History HD to be mainly stuff like grainy archive footage from WW2? Have a look at the schedule at http://www.zingzing.co.uk/ or somewhere and you'll see it's mainly documentaries about history periods we don't have terrible quality archive footage of, so they could have been shot entirely in HD (or perhaps mostly HD, in the same way as HD favourite Planet Earth wasn't even entirely HD). History HD also seems to have a completely different schedule from History so I would like to assume they don't show anything produced in SD and upscaled... but much requested channel FX HD clearly show some upscaled stuff so who knows.

Sniper in the Trees said...

You can do a lot worse than History HD. It is a different schedule to the SD channel as Anonymous said above, and the quality is execllent. Only bare minimum "old footage" but hey.. We can't roll back time and give HD kit to WW2 journalists now can we?!! Rest assured, it's not a waste of time at all!!

Sniper in the Trees said...

In any case.. That's how it was in 1944!! Grainy and flickery!!

Just like in the 1924 FA Cup Final, between Accrington Stanley & Preston North-End, all the players could run at 50mph in close formation!!! They didn't need fast cars!! (OR HD Tellies!!)

Sirius said...

I find it ironic that Virgin should be negotiating for this channel, given that Telewest once removed the standard definition channel from their line-up citing "lack of viewer interest" as the reason.
At the moment, any new HD is welcome,but stating that they are "in negotiation" is just as useful as Virgin's penchant for using the phrase, "Coming Soon".