April 28, 2009

Match of the Day to go HD ... in 2011

According to the Radio Times, Match of the Day's regular Saturday evening programme cannot go full HD until 2011. Although the games are apparently now shot in high definition, it's going to be a long wait as
"the MOTD team have to edit down the footage in a hurry [and] they have their own edit suite. This isn't capable of handling HD footage...until 2011 when they are moving to new facilities in Salford"

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Aitch Dee said...

I can confirm this. The post-production area used by MOTD is a mix of digibeta tape and non-linear avid edit suites. To convert the whole operation to HD would be a massive and pretty pointless expense with the imminent move of BBC Sport to the new development at MediaCity, Salford. Having said that - one of the current tape edit suites (VT4 fact-fans) is getting an HD makeover as we speak.