April 09, 2009

Easter weekend on BBC HD

Here are the highlights of BBC HD's line up this Easter weekend. Aside from Doctor Who's high def debut, if you like golf it's somewhat sparse to say the least (the rest of the schedule is repeats and regulars)

Good Friday
16.20 Film: Chicken Run
20.30 Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death
21.00 Golf: US Masters

17.10 Film: Finding Nemo
20.30 Golf: US Masters

Easter Sunday
18.55 Golf: US Masters (all evening)

Easter Monday
17.00 Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead
21.00 Heroes


Lewpy said...

Doctor Who's HD debut is on Saturday at 18:45–19:45, simultaneous broadcast to BBC1.
The showing on Monday is a repeat.

the_gaffer said...

I switched to Sky HD today... Downgraded phone and TV and will now been spending the same amount of money as I was as a VIP customer

The person on the disconnections line didn't even put up a fuss? Have they given up?

I phoned up Sky to check that my Virgin phone line is sufficient to hook the Sky HD box up and they said it was. Is this correct?

Anonymous said...

Saturday (for me) isn't too bad. Finding Nemo, Doctor Who and Robin Hood. Still, I have Sky+HD now as I got fed up of waiting for VM, and Sky dropped their price...

Matthew said...

Great blog. Slightly unrelated comment but...

I phoned VM today to ask them to take my V+ box away and give me the £100 back that I paid for it. I told them that I had been misled when I renewed my contract last October as I was buying the box for it's HD capabilities (which I was).

The guy disappeared for an age and then returned with the "if you can hang on another 20 days we will be launching new channels in May." I almost laughed at this point - he seemed oblivious to how many times we have all read comments to that affect. I told him I was tired of waiting after 7 months of one HD channel and I wanted them to to take the box away (IMO despite the PVR the V+ performs worse than the old samsung I had).

Anyway, it was at that point I was told that they would take the box away but I would get any money back. The saga is set to continue when the customer service department re-opens after easter. I will post my outcome just incase anyone else who feels ripped off fancies a go at a refund.

I save my "10mb broadband customers getting f***ked" rant for another day.

Keep up the good work Nialli.

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting a refund on something that VM have always owned and you never bought (you just paid an "installation" charge). I wouldn't be surprised if they charged you even more to have them take it away!