April 15, 2009

Panasonic to launch Freesat Blu-Ray recorders

For those looking at Freesat as an alternative to Virgin Media's pitiful HD line up, Panasonic is launching a new range Freesat HD digital recorders to the UK in June, two of which are Blu-Ray recorders. (Details from Home Cinema Choice)
The £999 DMR-BS850 and £899 DMR-BS750 will have 500GB and 250GB hard drives respectively, whilst the DMR-XS350 is a DVD recorder with Freesat HD and a 250GB hard drive. While hi-def broadcasts can be recorded to the hard drive, the DVD recorder in the XS350 will only archive in standard def. All three models have twin Freesat HD tuners, but not all HD programmes will be recordable. According to HCC:
'There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to record every HD show you fancy, or archive them to Blu-ray media. This is because broadcasters reserve the right to flag their transmissions as ‘Copy Free’, ‘Copy Once’ or ‘Copy Never.’

'The BBC has informed us that once these recorders go on sale, they will move the majority of their broadcasts to Copy Free, but if Hollywood, or a rights holder, specifically wants to restrict usage, a TV channel will broadcast ‘prohibit’ flags.'

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Atticus said...

Available in June? According to one supplier's website* the DMR-BS850 can be ordered from them online now, with an 8% discount, with delivery between 5 and 10 business days.