April 01, 2009

New BBC HD Indent and website

Nice. And there's a new look to the station website too: BBC HD

More details on Danielle's latest blog post


Anonymous said...

Well its come to this, that the best news sorry with VMHD is that BBC HD has a new ident!

No offence, been reading your blog for a long time and it's been really usefull. Just this is enough to convince me that enough is enough. I just ordered sky+HD to be installed on saturday.

When i told the girl at virgin why i was going she said, "we've got more channels coming soon" I said that they have been saying that for the last 2 years and she pretty much admited that she was none the wiser when they would be coming if at all.

Nialli said...

No offence taken - many, many others visitors to this blog have drawn the same conclusion and voted with their pockets and gone to Sky.
The blog still has rising traffic, so while that level of interest is there I'll continue to produce it (30k page impressions a month and still rising 10% every month). It was originally opinion-based, started reporting news and now offers a mix of the two.

anonymous said...

DS reckons virgin have more to say on the matter http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/digitaltv/a151487/virgin-actively-focused-on-hd.html

beyond (april fools comedy).