April 10, 2009

Doctor Who, Saturday 6.45pm

The latest Doctor Who special (and first to be filmed in high definition) Planet of the Dead debuts on BBC HD Saturday night at 6.45pm, with a repeat showing on Monday at 5pm.


Lee said...

Episode was..."ok"...but knocking FOUR TIMES? WOW!!!! Can't wait for 'him'!

On a technical note, I'd challenge someone to tell the difference between the HD and non-HD broadcast, bit of a let down there :|

Nialli said...

I'm not a huge fan but watched to support them filming in HD. Noticable that they didn't use the Tardis set (apparently it has to be rebuilt for HD). Like the Michelle Ryan character, less keen on Lee Evans' cameo. I find these "specials" don't stand up to much scrutiny - they seem to highlight the very poor acting and characters (except for the Doctor and "guest stars"). I also find Russel T Grant's running through similar themes again and again (stranded on yet another planet??)
As I say, not a fan. Looked ok in HD but the effects did look even more clunky CGI than normal.

Lewpy said...

Was Michelle Ryan trying to be Lara Croft? :-)
I enjoyed Lee's cameo, personally. Yes over-the-top, but supposed to be and enjoyable :-)
Did laugh when I recognised the tunnel entrance to be Butetown Tunnel (in Cardiff, Doctor Who Central) and they kept on insisting they were in central London :-)
HD was nice, and noticable, but not stunning.
Interestingly they used a swarm CGI effect, which means most of the motion is computer-controlled and the individual entities can be smaller on screen most of the time. Must have been deliberate to allow lower grade computer models most of the time (therefore cheaper CGI costs) and not suffer horrendously under HD scrutiny.

anonymous said...

It wasn't a sparkler of a special, not the best one or the worst one, but a bit disappointing after the decent trailers promoting it. I always thought it was a pity then that Voyage of the Damned wasn't in HD as that would have been much more wow than this. Just glad it was HD.

Anonymous said...

"I also find Russel T Grant's..."

Hehe, can tell you're not a fan, it's Russell T. Davies who does Dr. Who, Russell Grant is an Astrologer ;)

As for the episode, I didn't think much of it, other than the bus driver, no one ever really seemed to be in any danger.

Regarding knocking four times, can anyone say "The Master"?

Nialli said...