June 02, 2010

Bravo's Spartacus in HD

Over on Cable Forum someone posted that Bravo's Spartacus is available in HD via On Demand, but I can't see it - anyone found it? (update: not appearing using the Search function, but is near the top of the first page of HD TV Choice on Demand. Watched five minutes and decided it just wasn't for me)
Somehow, this sub-300 sword n sandals epic is beating the mighty Fringe in the ratings. Huh? Serves Sky1 right for treating Olivia and the Bishops so shabbily last week when the first half of the season finale was bumped for (yawn) another showing of the Lost "conclusion".
And if you want to know what I made of that, have a read of this Lost review from New York Magazine which for me sums it up better than I ever could...


CyberClown said...

Yes i watched it on demand in HD.Only an improvement in picture quality though.The small sets & sub standard acting still shine through i'm afraid.
Perhaps it will get better though - maybe too much hype.

Moroboshi said...

The Lost finale was utterly dreadful. I can't believe I stuck with the show for so long only for to it to end with some happy clappy religious hogwash.

Dazza124 said...

Access TV choice On Demand and it is available but I couldn't get it using the search facility.
Press HOME, THEN 5, THEN 2,THEN 9, THEN 1.
Although it doesn't have a Dolby Digital soundtrack to it the picture was HD and I compared both versions and could notice a big difference in picture quality.

Erich said...

I mostly agree with the Lost article, although I think it needed more swear words. What a steaming pile of youknowwhat, and a sad ending to a once great show. I nearly turned it off, when Jack did his silly kung-fu jump going into the break.

As for Spartacus, what a steaming pile of youknowwhat. :)

Stephen said...

Yes, Virgin moved Bravo and Living Catch-up to TV Choice.

Best way to find is TV Choice > What's New

BikeNutt said...

Also DiscoveryHD content there too (e.g. American Chopper)

BTW it was me who posted on CF as I was surprised nobody else had done so already.