June 09, 2010

Luther Finale on BBC HD

Did anyone else suffer severe picture break-up during the tense final ten minutes of Luther on BBC HD last night? Fortunately I had a simultaneous SD recording of it from Freeview BBC1 running and was able to watch the closing action from that, but it was bloody awful timing if it was more widespread disruption.


Dan said...

No, all fine with me in the East Midlands.

Afront said...

I did notice one "block out" up here in Scotland but it was brief and did not recur.

Great series btw - top-notch writing, acting, and Ruth Wilson has the most kissable lips on TV!

Breney said...

I had no problems in Rickmansworth (Herts).

Have to say I enjoyed the series. A refreshing change of tone to the detective shows normally shown by BBC and ITV. Looking forward to a second series(assuming it gets re-commissioned).

Nialli said...

Thanks. Probably me pushing my SA V+ to its limits. I was recording two HD channels and delay viewing a third.