June 04, 2010

STV HD launched Friday, June 4th

Even earlier than promised! Channel 113


Nick said...

Yep - it's here.

Rob said...

Although the EPG gives the GMTV programme details
Screensaver message states "This programme is not available in HD in this area. STV HD Returns at 09:25."

Alex P said...


Can't say much for the quality of the programming, but it's still nice to have another HD channel. :)

BikeNutt said...

VMTV sell-off


BikeNutt said...

"For an incremental wholesale fee, Virgin Media will, for the first time, have the option of carrying any of Sky's basic HD channels, Sky Sports HD 1 and Sky Sports HD 2, and all Sky Movies HD channels."

"Virgin Media will also have access to red button interactive sports coverage"