June 24, 2010

Film channels renumbered ... to accommodate Sky Movies HD?

Turner Classic Movies - now channel 415
Movies 24 - now channel 419
Movies 24+ - now channel 420
True Movies - now channel 424 (has anyone ever sat through one of these films?)
Film 4 - now channel 428
Film4+1 - now channel 430

I think what we will see is the numbering matching that used by Sky for the HD variants, which would make the Virgin Sky movies HD line up:

413 Sky Movies Premiere HD
414 Sky Movies Showcase HD
432 Sky Movies Comedy HD
433 Sky Movies Action & Adventure HD
434 Sky Movies Family HD
435 Sky Movies Crime & Thriller HD
436 Sky Movies Drama & Romance HD
437 Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror HD
438 Sky Movies Modern Greats HD
439 Sky Movies Indie HD

Something of a shame to lose Film4 on channel 444 - it was a quick way to navigate to the movie channels. Still no word as to when these will arrive or how much they will cost. I've seen July 31st mentioned as a possible date but that's a Saturday and strikes me as unlikely. I've also seen that Five HD is rumoured to be launching simultaneously on Sky and Virgin in July, but this isn't confirmed yet.

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Hornet Productions said...

I reckon it could be the end of the month - maybe with a free trial for XL users - otherwise why change channel numbers now if they wont be starting for another month? Just an idea and probably more hope than realism!