June 28, 2010

Hallmark HD launches on Sky

I don't think I've ever watched Hallmark, but Sky HD customers now have it in high def, added this evening. No word on it appearing on Virgin Media any time soon.
[update: the SD channel is now broadcasting on Virgin Media in widescreen. Mind you, the picture I saw last night was pretty soft and worse than other SD channels]


joff81 said...

another one VM have missed out on along with ESPN America HD !!!

garry.proctor1 said...

Virgin didn't miss out regarding espn america hd talks are at the minute ongoing.

Square eyes said...

Just for info guys ESPN America launches in Aug - the date I am told is the 3rd, but as usual we get this info, then the powers that be change it.

So at this time it is the 3rd...

joff81 said...

you can say ESPN America HD is coming all you want but until VM themselves officially announce it its all speculation and rumour.

the facts are that VM are OFFICALLY 2 more channels behind Sky and show no OFFICAL signs of catching up, even these supposed Sky sports/movies HD channels are still only speculation, mind you WM have hinted that they are coming but still no launch date.

Square eyes said...

Hey Joff

Dont mean to rain on you parade, but I work for VM.

So when I say Aug 3rd I mean Aug 3rd barring any last minute snags.

As for the movies and sports well lets just say the deal has been done, and they will be on sometime towards the end of july or the start of August - along with Sky1, Sky Art & News plue the red button as well because part of the agreement is that, the sports & red button MUST BE ON for the start of the football season

Just to correct your assumption with the HD channels, if you count the VOD content on VM, you will find that Sky have actually less HD than VM...sorry to say

Square eyes said...

This is the update email that all VM customers were sent, if they had registered interest in the HD sports & Movies

Virgin Media update on Sky Sports and Movies in HD


Been wondering when you can start enjoying Sky Sports and Sky Movies in HD, on Virgin TV?

Just keep an eye on your emails and we'll be in touch as soon as they're available! Plus all the details of how you can get your hands on them too. There's no need to call now though, you'll be the first to hear the news from us.
In the meantime, make sure you're ready to go by getting all the right kit. You'll just need an HD Ready TV and one of our nifty set top boxes (choose a V HD or V+ HD Box). Plus an HDMI cable to connect it all up. That way, you can sit down to watch top movies and sport, the second they're ready to go.

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media Entertainment team

is that OFFICIAL enough for you

joff81 said...

@Square Eyes

sure we all know that Sky Sport/movies are coming soon but as im not a subcriber its of no intrest to me. the HD channels that i am interested in there is still NO OFFICIAL INFORMATION on.

just because you come on here claiming your from VM stating a date for ESPNA HD that people from other forums have stated is VM`s CS getting mixed up with the launch of ESPN last year does not make it official.

its not just ESPNA HD as well what about channels like Hallmark HD, BIO HD, History HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, ect, all these channels VM have had access to and VM cant even get carrage for them sorted.

there is even no OFFICIAL WORD on SKY basics coming.

so im sorry but unless i get official word from VM on regarding rather than a nobody (no offence) who thinks he has all the information and answers im not buying it !!!!!!

Nialli said...

Can we please cool this down? Square Eyes is a reliable source and is certainly not a "nobody". The very nature of this blog and the various forums is that it will carry an element of rumour as well as hard fact, but no-one is going specifically out to misinform anyone. If you only want the official line from Virgin, the site to refer to is http://pressoffice.virginmedia.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=205406&p=irol-news&nyo=0

Square eyes said...

Many thanks Nialli