June 16, 2010

What's everybody watching in HD this summer?

Aside from the World Cup and other summer specials, is there anything worth catching on our HD channels at the moment? After a great Spring of high def (True Blood, Luther, Father & Son, etc) I've just noticed that the only things I've got set to record in HD next week are Desperate Housewives and Lennon Naked. Has anyone found anything they think worth recommending?
(Oh, and if you don't mind slumming it in SD for an hour a week, may I recommend Five USA's excellent Justified? Timothy Olyphant in an Elmore Leonard-inspired corker of a Southern thriller. 10pm Wednesday or Friday nights.)


Moroboshi said...

Speaking of True Blood, season 3 is airing in the US now, in HD of course.

For I wonder when FX HD will bother to show it here. 6 months? 12 months? Maybe more?

And they wonder why people download things.

John said...

Justified is a great show. I'm down to 10 series records and this is one of them. I hope we get Season 3 (and 4 now its been renewed) of Breaking Bad.

Nialli said...

@Morobishi: FX cannot show season three until C4 show the second season. I will be surprised if we don't see it until 2011. No doubt Mad Men season four will be a 2011 arrival too.

Dan said...

Ch4 will probably show True Blood S2 in Oct/Nov, so expect FX to show S3 in Jan/Feb 2011. Mad Men always turns up Feb/Mar, so S4 won't arrive until 2011, too. Both great shows, both heavily downloaded by Brits. More UK broadcasters need to take a leaf out of Sky's book and arrange faster British premieres to combat this. It definitely hurts the UK ratings if "geek friendly" shows take months to arrive.

FX taking 11 MONTHS to show Dexter S4 (it's due late-Aug) is ridiculous.

Moroboshi said...

These UK media companies seem to live life as if the internet didn't exist. It's laughable really.

Looking forward to Mad Men S4. Best drama in years in my opinion, absolutely amazing show.

As an aside, if you're Mad Men fan make sure you watch Tom Ford's new film A Single Man. The Mad Men team were involved in it's production (it's all set in the 1960s) and it looks stunning. Brilliant film too.

Rob said...

Enjoying the remake of "V" on Syfy HD (11 episodes so far) although I wish they had used the drum beats music from the original version

Anonymous said...
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