June 08, 2010

Media Boy reports...

For those who missed his posting over on Cable Forum yesterday:

"Media Boy EXCLUSIVE: Media Boy given more info on the BSkyB/VMTV take over.

"I have been told that Virgin hope to launch Sky1 HD, Sky News HD, Sky Real Lives HD, Sky Arts 1 HD and Sky Arts 2 HD on Virgin TV in a few weeks, once the deal has been approved in Ireland.

"My insider also thinks that for the Sky Movies and Sky Sports HD Channels viewers maybe charge extra if they want them.

"But the Basics HD Channels may probably all end up on the XL Pack"


Tom Chiverton said...

Awesome if true !

bluemonkeymagic said...

hmmmm they should let us chose, if we want HD Sports then we give up SD sports! it makes sense!

I wont be paying extra, its a shame

BikeNutt said...

I thought one of the (many) sticking points with having SkyHD content on VM was security. That being the case, surely the new card rollout must be completed before we get SkyHD basics and/or option for Sports/MoviesHD?

I was moved to NGTV in March but I still haven't received my shiny new red card - and no indication from VM that it's imminent.

A few weeks, eh? ...

Nialli said...

Can pirate cable boxes view HD channels? I didn't think they could, so I am not sure it was a sticking point in the provision of Sky HD channels. It was mentioned though in Sky's submission to OFCOM, but I thought that it was only for SD versions, and something of a red herring anyway.
Cards are coming: I see the "new card" every time I check on my Programmes Recorded.